All Terrain 4×4 Tyres – Safe, Secure and Solid

All terrain 4×4 tyres can be used on and off-road and they handle different surfaces competently and safely. They are designed to withstand harsh terrain without losing efficiency.

What are all terrain 4×4 tyres?

The “all terrain” effectively signals that these tyres work on all surfaces.  More adventurous drivers can use them on muddy, gravelled, dusty and rocky land without losing grip. For day to day use they are eminently suitable for tarmac, concrete and paving.

4×4 is a vehicle name which is derived from 4 – the total number of tyres or axle ends and the number of tyres (axle ends) that are powered – again 4.  They are designed with control as a primary focus and provide drivers with security across a variety of challenging landscapes. The wheel size and increased tread dictate the levels of safety.

When were the first off-road vehicles and all terrain 4×4 tyres designed?

You may believe that off-road vehicles are a fairly recent addition to transportation. They date back to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and 1906. The designer Adolphe Kegresse used a caterpillar track with a flexible belt instead of interlocking sections of metal. This was named the Kegresse Track and it still exists and can be added to standard vehicles.

Citroen took on his invention in the 1921 and used the Kegresse Tracks on military vehicles. The effectiveness of these devices was tested over several terrains across Asia and North Africa.

Between 1937-1939 the Antarctic Snow Cruiser was designed for an expedition over the ice and snow of the South Pole. The tyres were huge. It was bold, innovative but sadly, his tyres couldn’t bear the adverse weather and so his invention was abandoned. Back to the drawing board.

After World War 2 there was a vast supply of off-road vehicles. Jeeps and British Land vehicles were very popular for work purposes and increasingly for leisure pursuits. The all-terrain 4X4 tyres found themselves in high demand and soon all the major producers were developing off-road tyres for the mass market. They’re a perfect load hauling off-road tool and the SUV of today may be more comfortable than its predecessors but its roots lie back in Russia, where most roads are gravel and the weather can be a foe.

Where can you find top quality tyres?

All terrain 4X4 tyres are widely available and a quick visit to a leading firm like Thatcham Tyres and Exhaust will deliver a positive and informative experience. The experts are well aware of the legal requirements and which tyres fulfil client objectives to maximum levels.

For example, the Michelin 4×4 tyres are premium quality products which all terrain 4×4 tyres suppliers should keep in stock. If not, they should be available within 24 hours, if not on the same day.

Michelin 4×4 tyres are trustworthy and from a strong brand name, The all terrain products meet and exceed expectations which makes them an excellent option for your on and off-road demands.

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