Important Sparkler Safety Tips

Across the United States, more and more parents are becoming very conscious of the safety dangers associated with allowing children to use fireworks, especially sparklers. Let’s face it; sparklers are the only thing in the world that burn at over 1200 degrees that you would ever hand to a child. The real problem isn’t that we allow our children to use sparklers; it’s that many parents don’t supervise their children properly, don’t educate their kids about what they can or can’t do with sparklers, or allow them to use sparklers in an unsafe environment. Fortunately, there are some sparkler safety tips that will allow families to enjoy the fun and excitement that sparklers create without needing to worry about any trips to the emergency room.

Proper Supervision

The most important thing to do to stave off any kind of burn or injury while allowing your kids to play with sparklers is proper adult supervision. You wouldn’t allow your kids to take a box of matches and run off to play with them alone, so why would you do allow them to wander off with a lit sparkler? By simply being present and mindful of how your children are handling their sparklers, you can ensure that everything is used correctly and any situation that pops up is handled immediately before any real damage or injury occurs.Image result for Important Sparkler Safety Tips

Educate Your Kids

Before you let your children enjoy sparklers for the first time, make sure you go over all the possible dangers that they can present. Make sure they understand that they can’t throw sparklers at other kids and that they need to hold them away from their body. The best way that I’ve found is to demonstrate how to go about using sparklers properly before you ever consider hand a lit one to a child. This is true if you’re handing out color sparklers at a backyard party or sparklers for weddings during a reception. Also, you need to use common sense about how old your children are before you give them sparklers to use. If your kids are very young, sometimes it’s best to wait until they are a bit older before you start letting them hold onto things that can potentially burn them if they aren’t careful.

Safe Environment

There are many facets involved when you are ensuring that you are allowing your kids to use sparklers in a safe environment. While most people would consider that a matter of common sense, you would be surprised at how often children are running around with burning sparklers in ridiculous places. The first thing to know is that it is dangerous to use sparklers indoors because of the smoke they produce and the amount of flammable object nearby. Also, using them in an area where there are a lot of people present can be a huge mistake as well such as at a crowded party or during a parade where a lot of people are lining the streets. Make sure you only use sparklers in a very open area such as a backyard or empty field with no people, plants, or other obstacles nearby to ensure your children have a safe and fun experience while using their sparklers.