Picking the best juicer in the market or how to lead a healthy lifestyle without medical intervention

Whenever a question of picking a juicer arises, lots of people get confused by the variety of brands and models on the market. Indeed, the new products are being released on a regular basis and those that were popular some couple of years past turned to be pushed out by the newly introduced devices. In a situation like this it’s quite easy to lose head and become lost in an endless stock of goods. For that not to happen we provide our own guide on how to pick the best juicer on the market and not to throw money down the drain. So let’s get started.

What drives people to buy a juicer?

To answer that question one should first think of the other one – what actually drives people to live a healthy life? Assuming, it’s the desire to get rid of deceases and enjoy every minute of one’s existence, isn’t it? Juice extractor is just the thing to help you achieve this goal faster. Naturally, we are what we eat and drink. Thus, consuming unhealthy products leads to nothing but gradually accumulating health issues. And vice versa, eating the proper food helps you to prevent the undesired outcomes and remain full of energy. So that’s the key reason why people think of picking a juicer – they strive for a healthy lifestyle.

The three undisputed sales hits


This machine belongs to a masticating type of juicers that come with a slow rotating auger to crush fruits, vegetables and nuts at a speed of 80 RPM. This new kind of juicer is designed to preserve all the vitamins and enzymes a fruit contains through the use of a non-centrifugal technology of juice extraction. Eventually, such an approach allows an appliance to work without heat that negatively influences the fruits/vegetables beneficial properties. Thus, if you care much of your health, you should think of obtaining the product.


Breville 800JEXL is a centrifugal type of a juicer. Its working principle is very similar to that of a washing machine when it wrings out water from clothes. The fast spinning motion is a key factor here; it allows the device to separate the liquid from the pulp and produce a nutritious juice. All in all, the product is rather affordable and easy to operate – good choice for a novice user.


This one is a citrus type of a juicer. In what refers to this particular type, technology is less important than the quality of citruses you buy yet, there are still some peculiarities. One of those is how carefully the pulp is being separated from the juice. In case with Proctor Sillex 66331 it is done perfectly. In fact, there’s opportunity to control on how pulp makes it into the glass, so that you could achieve exactly what you want – a sweet and flavored juice. Could a sophisticated juice lover actually wish for more?