Why glass equipment are popular with cannabis users

Most marijuana smokers have a set of three main items they use for preparing and smoking their weed. These are a lighter, a grinder and a bowl, pipe or any other tool for holding and lighting weed. Lighters and grinders usually come in standard forms, but pipes can vary wildly in shapes, sizes, and types. Glass pipes have been rising in popularity among smokers, and there are several reasons why this is so.

They can be artsy
Making glassware is a craft that people have mastered and practiced for centuries. Given the booming marijuana market, this craft has moved into smoking paraphernalia. This has brought around spectacular glass pieces, ranging from simple bowls to intricate bubblers. Some of the pieces, found on online glassware sites such as Thick Ass Glass, are pieces of art. There are art enthusiasts who have thousand dollar collections of such equipment. There is no limit to what glass-blowers can make, and there is always a piece for everyone.

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They are easy to clean
A major advantage of glass is that it is easy to wash. That is why glass plates are better than plastic and other material. Most dishwashing soap will do for cleaning glassware used for smoking marijuana. If one wishes, they can invest in non-expensive cleaning cloths and brushes. At the end of the day, the ease of cleaning will also depend on the shape of the equipment. However, glass is usually the best material for smoking gear, given that it does not stain or attract dirt.

They come in all sizes
It does not matter if one needs glassware that can fit in a pocket, or that has to be carried around in a case – there is always the perfect size for everyone. Take a dab rig for example; one can find a single-chamber piece that can fit in one hand, or a multiple-chamber one, that needs a table for setting up. This means that glass equipment can be designed for solo or group smoking. The bigger pieces are usually more expensive, but there is a good size for any kind of budget.

They are customizable
There are a lot of online places where one can place a special order for smoking glassware. Just like how it works with cakes, customers can choose designs, colors, decorations and sizes. Even though bespoke glassware is more expensive than off-the-shelf material, it is worth the extra dollar to add a personal touch to a purchase. Some sophisticated makers even allow clients to upload pictures or logos they want to have on their glassware.

They take all forms of marijuana
Glassware is not limited to smoking equipment only. Different people have varying preferences for how they take their weed. The types of equipment available on the market have also evolved to cater for these preferences. There are glass pieces like bowls for direct smoking, bongs that hold water, and oil rigs that take waxes and oils. Since glass is inert, it does not react with oils or the smoke from marijuana. This is another reason why lots of people go for glass, instead of plastic.

Although glass is fragile and it can have a shorter shelf-life, it is a great material for smoking equipment. If glassware owners take care of their pieces and regularly clean them, they can have them for years. There are many legit online and physical shops where people can buy these pieces. In addition, there is a wide range of prices, designs, and sizes that one can choose from.